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Scholarships and awards


Applications for either scholarships or awards must be a member of the Missouri Occupational Therapy Association.
The students must be currently enrolled in an accredited Occupational Therapy practitioner program. The scholarship winners will be recognized at the Fall MOTA Conference. Both scholarships are available to entry-level students.

To view and apply for MOTA scholarships, please click the link below!

MOTA  Annual Awards

Below are awards that are recognized annually at our annual fall conference.

Occupational Therapy Assistant /Occupational Therapy Partnership Award

This award recognizes an OTA and OT who through their collaboration of occupational therapy exemplify the professional partnership. The evidence of the OTA/ OT partnership will show contributions in practice/ research or education through shared expertise. 

Outstanding Practitioner Award

This award recognizes the occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant who is a “master practitioner”, respected by peers, for his/her clinical reasoning skills and extraordinary contributions to the profession.

Outstanding Administrator, Supervisor or Educator Award

This award recognizes the administrator, supervisor, or educator who promotes professionalism, quality care, and development of the profession and serves as a positive role model for staff and/or students.

Outstanding Service to the Organization or Profession Award

This award recognizes the exceptional OT practitioners who volunteer time, energy and skills to the Missouri Occupational Therapy Association and the community.  They are dedicated to serving the members and the community by promoting the mission of MOTA.

Community Partner of the Year

This award recognizes an individual who supports and promotes occupational therapy and those we serve through advocacy, activism, community engagement, program and policy development, or legislative action.  He/she demonstrates a commitment to the profession and its values within various roles, including, but not limited to, legislator, administrator, or entrepreneur.

Download the Nomination Form

MOTA Annual Nominations Form